Thank God I’m Not Such a Bad Person That Dexter Would Kill Me. But Then I Worry That Kevin Spacey From Seven Might Murder/Punish Me Because of My Sloth-Like Tendencies.

shitler was out of town this weekend.

and i did nothing.

and then when he got home.  we did more nothing.  typical.

wait.  i lied.  

we did accomplish something (and i use that term loosely).  because if you can count watching nine straight hours of dexter and polishing off a bottle of wine as accomplishing something then i guess i wasn’t a complete piece of shit.  AND, i wasn’t even drunk after i consumed the bottle.  which worried me because i thought perhaps i got a faulty bottle.  but i just decided to chalk this one up for the good guys.  and by good guys i mean me.  and by chalking one up i mean that i drank the whole bottle, didn’t get drunk and didn’t feel like a bag of dicks this morning.

i also managed to eat an abnormal amount of sauerkraut and polish off the apple struesel cheesecake dessert i made last week.

also, mac is a huge mos def fan.  imagine how pleasantly surprised he was to find him pop up on dexter.

but then the religious act got old and mac was all “hey dexter, less forgiving, more killing.”

and in the spirit of dexter and knives i found this to be kind of interesting.

if someone can tell me why there’s a section in the office supplies catalog at the workplace that features knives – i’d greatly appreciate it.

i might place an order today.

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