In Which I Admit That I Have A Problem

bear with me.  this is mostly for my own sanity.

i co-hosted a jewelry party with G last night. 

people bought a lot (and for that, i thank you) and as a result i will be getting a shitload of free jewelry.
so it prompted me to come home and perhaps organize the shit i already had.

turns out that was a mistake.  because what i discovered was horrific.

in a gigantic case.

in some sort of container that i even forgot i had.

hanging on the towel rack in the bathroom.

on the counter.

in some random basket.


and apparently i have an aviary section.

because keeping earrings in a shot glass seems totally normal.

this post is pointless.  and ridiculous.  and makes me look like a jewelry hoarder.


which apparently i am.


3 thoughts on “In Which I Admit That I Have A Problem

  1. JoyFoy says:

    I LOVE IT…and want the tree necklace!

  2. Jamie Elizabeth Pattillo says:

    i love the hovel left from my wanting to organize. the layers of some other version of me are sorta a buzzkill though. i might make a list for what to do now.

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