Man Love

shitler and i had to head to illinois this weekend.

for a baby funeral.

i know.


and you know you’re not in kansas (or wisconsin, for that matter) anymore when you are bombarded by these types of things everywhere you go:


but when all is said and done and you’ve reconciled with the fact that you’re out of your element for a weekend  and there is a lot of sadness hanging in the air; you begin to enjoy the little things, because that’s really all that you can do.

but then it dawns on you that the little things you enjoy aren’t normal.

like these things:

shitler and sami.

helmet time.

everyone wants a turn with the helmet.

hammock love.

camouflage footie pajama love.

so although this last weekend was filled with sadness – it was also filled with a lot of love.  

man love.

and then relief.  when i saw this:


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