High Five 4 Friday

it’s that time again.
and it is glorious.

i’m looking forward to having next to nothing on the docket.
but in the meantime – i’m linking up with lauren at from my grey desk with 5 things i’m high-fiving for the week.

1. a pretty spectacular signal that the crazy, ridiculous weekend was finally over.

2. omg.omg.omg.omg.omg.  they finally came.  my new books!

3. just when i don’t think true blood could even get any better – this guy shows up.

4. i finally shaved my legs this week.  ya.  it may or may not have been a week-and-a-half (or two, i lost track).  and while it doesn’t seem so bad – i spend a lot of time in dresses and outdoors.  and i probably could have gone longer but i had a minor panic attack when my leg rubbed up against a co-worker and the possibility flashed through my brain that i may i have just cut them with my sharp leg hair.  so i figured it was time.  so here’s an ode to my razor.

5. raise your hand if you like a good deal?  raise hand if you prefer said good deal that you just raised your hand for liking be alcohol related.  i raised mine.  and it happened this week.  two bottles for the price of one plus $2 off.  it’s like i stole it. 

well, there you have it.

catch you on the flip, ghost ride the whip.

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2 thoughts on “High Five 4 Friday

  1. Amber says:

    I love when alcohol is on sale! It always makes for a great day!

    You’re pretty funny! I’m your newest follower 🙂 Happy Friday!

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