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In My Mind I’m Not Insane. Not All The Way, At Least.

albert einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

my night began with this:

distinguished. i know.

and then continued with vodka, more vodka, bar dice, and shots.

now i feel like this:

but then i found this:

and then life was good.

until shitler called to tell me that he bought toilet paper, 16 oz cans of nati light, and a bottle of scotch.

whatever freak-wad.


And They Call Me Weird…Pffff.

Welcome Home Sarah!

From the left: Arnold, Toulouse, Maury the Squirrel, and Sarah the Corncob Armadillo

I’ll Take Useless Things That Will Only Clutter My House for $500, Alex

You know there are people in the world that really, really get you when they stumble upon things like this at a rummage sale.


To think just a few short hours ago I was researching thyroid disease and soon I shall be in possession of a corncob armadillo

Things are really looking up.