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Things That Start With G Are Ruining My Life

yes i’m talking to you girls and game of thrones.
because we all know the last thing i need is one more thing to distract me from general, everyday tasks like making sure we have clean clothes and not letting the dishes sit in the sink to the point of all-out nastiness.

so i accomplished next to nothing on my list of unimportant things to do while shitler was away.

i cooked/baked/crafted nothing on my list.

this is what happened in one, gigantic run-on sentence.  gym, got my vagina waxed, bought asparagus, boat ride, ate pizza, watched the tudors, consumed wine, slept, woke up, made bacon pancakes, reluctantly showered, went to a bridal shower, messed with babies, ate some steak/cactus tacos, ate some potato oles, came home, watched every episode of girls on demand, drank more wine, watched x-men first class, drank even more wine, slept, woke up, made a point to not shower, did laundry, watched game of thrones, ate jell-o shots, left to eat carnitas and drink martinis, came back home, drank wine, watched game of thrones, said hi to shiter when he arrived home, made him watch three episodes of girls, passed out.

and now – i’m more resentful of having to be at work since i know that i have 32 more episodes of game of thrones waiting for me at home.

sommer hit the bottle a little too hard.

i didn’t see anything wrong with letting cordell have a jell-o shot.

sommer was not having any of cordell. which i think means she’s a lesbian.

lastly, i just discovered that the pants i put on this morning have a giant hole in the crotch.  jackpot.

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An Homage to the Fact That We’ve Been Together Too Goddamn Long

16 and 15 respectively.

a tad sassier.

because i thought he would look good with corn rows and apparently my smile is trying to eat my face.

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Sweet Mullets

i can’t even begin to tell you how much i love sweet mullets.  

by far, the most fantastic bar discovery of all time (thanks to wendy and ryder).

this bar is all wisconsin.  if it’s not produced in wisconsin – they don’t carry it.
so beer and cheese abounds.  and i couldn’t be any happier.


sunday may have been one of the best days of my life.  because after indulging in beer and cheese to the point that it forced me into a happiness coma – i got to hold a baby!  again (i’m still in shock that people let me hold their babies)! 

be prepared for a barrage of fucking cute baby pictures.  

sommer is the sweetest thing on the face of the planet.
i fucking dare you to tell me otherwise.

those fingers look goddamn delicious.

face time.

i would eat that crusted drool on her face she's so perfect.

simba and rafiki. classic lion king pose.

i like to smell my food before i eat it.

this post is about practically nothing and everything at the same time.