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Desert Storm Alice is My Favorite

my week has consisted of getting drunk, eating cupcakes, and watching the resident evil movies.  

and it has by far, been one of the best weeks ever.

drunk photo booth pictures abound.obviously.
some of shitler’s college cronies and family:


my obsession, albeit late, with the resident evil movies began at the tamez household where the fourth one was on.  it’s probably not the best place to start but it piqued my interest and now all i want to do is watch these movies on a constant fucking loop (big ups to b for letting me have these for awhile).

i’ve learned a few things from these movies:

1. i dislike michelle rodriguez in every single movie she does.
2. i’m completely unprepared for a zombie apocalypse.
3. zombies, although annoying, are quite determined and goal-oriented.
4. milla jovovich has forced me to question my sexuality.
5. i must stay constantly vigilant. 

so i pose this question to you – which is your favorite alice?

these boots go with everything alice

mesh is practical alice

desert storm alice

i got all my sisters with me alice

please vote below:

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This Is What Lack of Fucking Focus Looks Like

i like to google.  

i begin with an idea and it slowly spirals out of control until what i end with bears no resemblance to what i set out to discover.

i like to begin most of my searches with comical jesus photos:

somehow i get get distracted and up clicking on something like this
(go ahead and click – i can’t get it any fucking bigger and it annoys me):

but then i notice that there’s another picture that has a similar layout.
so i go look at that (fucking click on this one too).

and then i think about how i want one of those striped things in the above picture.  but then i remind myself that i already have two idiot pets.  and then i start thinking that at least they’re entertaining even though sometimes their mental incompatibilities overshadow their actual usefulness.  then i think about all the people that don’t have animals.  

more importantly – the poor children.  

more specifically – the orphans.

i googled orphans.

then i started to think about batman and about how awesome he is.  so i googled batman – but none of the pictures looked remotely interesting.  but i just kept clicking on the next page and it just kept taking me further and further from batman and orphans.  

but then i found these:

i feel like i won the lottery.  because then i also clicked on these:

M-Yess, Quite.

so i suppose this last picture can be linked to the first picture.  in that it relates to questions of religion and creation.  i mean – it IS a head of a bird on a well-dressed man’s body.

you figure it out.

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Inbred Cat


 My friend G sent me this picture in an email today and I just about died.


Whoever created this is a genius. 
And if there are more out there, I would like to see each and every one of them.