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High Five 4 Friday

i’m running out of clever ways to say “oh hey, it’s friday and it’s time for that link up.

soooooo it’s friday and it’s time for that link up.

1. it’s shark week.  which for me – means i can’t wait for fucking shark week to be over so i don’t have to hear people talk about it like they’ve always watched it when in reality we alllllll know you only started watching it after you saw step brothers.

2. i drank a bottle of champagne the other night.  this is the cap.

i don’t follow.  how do they i’m going to enjoy it?  


like smash the bottle and try to drink straight from it – jagged edges and all?  or are they referring to drinking and driving?  because i don’t do that.  i prefer drinking in the safety of my own home and not having to leave.  

champagne – you need to be more specific.

3.  at the risk of sounding like an obsessive freak i’m going to talk about invisible monsters again.  and it won’t be the last time either.  but i finished it.  and i bawled like a fucking baby.  because it is, by far, one of the most incredible books i have ever read.

4. this picture is pretty self-explanatory.  because if it doesn’t make your week you’re probably a fucking terrorist.

5. it’s this wise man’s 5th birthday.  hats off to you murphy lee.  you’re a gentleman and a scholar.

lastly, with the weekend upon us i’ve been thinking about the phrase “hot to trot.”  i don’t exactly know what it means but i assume that a lot of people will be drunkenly doing so this weekend.

so get out there with your hot to trot-ed-ness.


High Five 4 Friday

so we’ve established that i make poor choices, correct?


like i was actually getting over a nasty stomach virus and instead of laying low and taking it easy on my stomach i ate nachos, tacos, and vodka last night.  and then some pizza for dessert.
for shame.

but it’s friday – and if that doesn’t cure what ails me then i don’t know what will.
as always i’m linking up with lauren at from my grey desk.

1. b brought a cape back from the bar the other weekend.  so naturally shitler put it on.  now it’s like he’s a super hero.

2. some sick freak kept vandalizing my desk.  but the culprit came forward this week.  glory be!
also – it turns out i like the culprit.  so she’s forgiven.

3. i spend a lot of time on twitter.  mainly lol’ing @OhMrWonka

4. we’re back in business.  welcome home little boy booze!
yes, the name of our boat is little boy booze.  and yes, i’m aware that boats are supposed to be female.  and yes, i don’t care.

5. and maybe you’re a terrorist if you don’t collectively “awwwww” with me over this.  

trixie bitch

i have this nagging feeling that there isn’t enough coffee in the world to get me through today.
but we won’t know until i try.

and remember – the walrus sings at midnight.

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High Five 4 Friday

it’s that time again.
and it is glorious.

i’m looking forward to having next to nothing on the docket.
but in the meantime – i’m linking up with lauren at from my grey desk with 5 things i’m high-fiving for the week.

1. a pretty spectacular signal that the crazy, ridiculous weekend was finally over.

2. omg.omg.omg.omg.omg.  they finally came.  my new books!

3. just when i don’t think true blood could even get any better – this guy shows up.

4. i finally shaved my legs this week.  ya.  it may or may not have been a week-and-a-half (or two, i lost track).  and while it doesn’t seem so bad – i spend a lot of time in dresses and outdoors.  and i probably could have gone longer but i had a minor panic attack when my leg rubbed up against a co-worker and the possibility flashed through my brain that i may i have just cut them with my sharp leg hair.  so i figured it was time.  so here’s an ode to my razor.

5. raise your hand if you like a good deal?  raise hand if you prefer said good deal that you just raised your hand for liking be alcohol related.  i raised mine.  and it happened this week.  two bottles for the price of one plus $2 off.  it’s like i stole it. 

well, there you have it.

catch you on the flip, ghost ride the whip.

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High Five 4 Friday

whose hollering with me?  hollering about friday, i mean.

let’s do it together.


i’m linking up with lauren over at from my grey desk.


1. just saw this movie this week.  and i’m officially in love.  one of the best i’ve seen in awhile.  i think about it for the better part of my days.  and how i’d rather be parked on the couch watching it.

2. oh my god.  she kills me.  and i don’t care what anyone says.  she looks like a tan falcor.  and if you don’t know who falcor is or where it’s from – you can go fuck off.

3.  i’m going to say this and you’re probably going to judge me.  but it was the 1,000th episode of monday night raw this week.  and i watched it.  and i enjoyed it.  and i coveted jericho’s jacket like i do every time i see it.


4. the tie-up.the tie-up.the tie-up.the tie-up.the tie-up.the tie-up.the tie-up.  i’m sure that will be a separate post entirely.  because the tie-up is filled with booze, boats, and boobs.  and it’s this weekend.  and i’m so happy.  and i’m going to really try hard to not almost die this time around.


5. and with the tie-up happening this weekend it brings shiter’s boyfriends to town.  

3 guys. 1 raft.



it’s the weekend.
like missy elliot said
get your freak on.



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High Five 4 Friday

ahhhhhhh, the sweetness that is friday.  and the sweetness of having little going on this weekend.
i couldn’t take another weekend chock full of fun.  it would kill me.

so here’s what i’m high-fiving for the week and my link-up with lauren over at from my grey desk.

1. the nonsense that is me going to the grocery store for dog food and ending up with this.  i blame the weekend festivities still clouding my poor brain.

2. uhhh, because cramming your dog-self underneath the desk in this contorted position seems totally normal.  and comfortable.

3. because i cannot stop listening to all things murder by death.  they.are.everything.

4. shitler.  demonstrating that at first the super fox indicated he was a dick with no balls.

5. and every once and awhile i take a great picture.  and in this case it looks like the gods are angry and set on consuming this material world with their angry clouds.

it’s the weekend.
get nasty.
i dare you.

High Five 4 Friday

i think sometimes that i should be more social.

but not face to face.  more like blog to blog.
i stumbled upon this adorable blog that i’ve spent a shitload of time perusing and decided to link up.

five of my favorite things from this week:

1. this tiny tuft of back-of-the-head-only-hair on baby c.

2. that i ate almost this entire loaf of garlic lovers bread before i banned carbs from my life.

yes, that’s an entire clove of garlic.

3. the fact that our new pet, bathsheba, has eaten all of the rest of the rest of the fish in the tank.  glutton.

4. that i’m finally getting my ass in gear and making the gym a priority.  how many times do you have to do something before it’s a habit?

5. that i’ve had this song on a constant, repetitive loop since monday and i don’t care who knows.

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