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Food Porn Monday

i’m super passionate about looking at pictures of food i want to eat.  
but then never actually eating it most of the time.
like just fantasizing about it:
food porn style.

so i thought that maybe it would be tortuously fun to present you with the five things i’ve found that made me cry due to orgasm-induced happiness.  every monday.

lobster roll

via serious eats

peanut butter bacon banana bread

via how sweet it is

grilled, bacon topped meatloaf stuffed with beer cheese

via serious eats

grilled taco pizza

via pass the sushi

fried Chicken, honey Butter, and biscuit Sandwiches

via serious eats

that last one brought a legitimate tear to my eye.
and if you can’t tell i really, really like the serious eats website.  like a lot. 

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I’m Pretty Into Meat

one time i thought it would be interesting to try going vegetarian for a month.  that didn’t work.  mainly because i fucking love meat.

so i made some meatloaf for lincoln the other night.

here is my night in meat-related photos.


the meat hand cometh.


then chuck tried to entice me with his body:

give me your meat.


but i stayed strong and pressed on.

raw meat doused in ketchup sure looks delicious.

my finished masterpiece.

 and then i made tabouli – which is completely un-meat-related.

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French Onion Meatloaf is a Gift From the Heavens

today is one of those days where all i’ve been thinking about is food.  what food i want to eat.  what food i wish i had for lunch other than what i actually have.  what food i have at home that i wish i could hork down (but i won’t).  what past food/meals i’ve eaten. 

pile my food woes on top of the fact that it’s fucking freezing outside and all i want to do is go home, crank the mini heater that sits right next to the bed, and crawl into my cocoon of blankets.

also, i’m extremely bored.  so i started going through the massive amounts of pictures on my iPhone and i came across these:

check out that mountain of meat.

i'm salivating.

goddamn food porn and good orgasms.

i made a delicious meatloaf for lincoln and B back when i got my perfect meatloaf pan.

french. onion. meatloaf.

it was beyond delicious and pretty similar to a french onion soup only in massive meat form. 

the salad i’m choking down looks like fucking dog shit compared to these photos.

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And Now I’m a 1950s Housewife.

you realize priorities have changed when you receive xmas presents like these and are simply over the moon excited about them.


lincoln is going to get a lot fatter.

i’ll be doing some badass decorating.

as i received these gifts and declared it the best xmas ever i realized that i felt like a 1950s housewife and i’m strangely ok with that.  i’m going to make so much cool shit. in other news.  this is why i love my family:

and this is why i love my family A LOT:

wheelchair tricks and cigars.

all in all, it’s been a good holiday.  i’m glad it’s over.  and i’m thrilled it will be another year until it happens again.

i do have one complaint.  i wanted one thing and i didn’t get it.  i just wanted to stop menstruating.

it didn’t happen.

it has been happening for 24 days.  death.

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Best Motherfucking Xmas. Ever.

tis better to give then to receive.

i just think i’m bad at accepting gifts.  because when people give me something extremely nice it makes me feel uncomfortable.  and then i feel bad that they probably spent a lot of money on me.  and then i worry about appreciating it enough and end up feeling like i’m not appreciating it like i should considering how much they probably spent on it.  which is why i don’t have nice things.  and which is why i love when people give me socks as gifts.

but this christmas has officially become the best ever.

because my manager got me this:

i'm so happy i could cry.

i will not be working the second job tonight because i’m going to go home and have a meatloaf extravaganza. 

pictures to follow.