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In Which I Admit That I Have A Problem

bear with me.  this is mostly for my own sanity.

i co-hosted a jewelry party with G last night. 

people bought a lot (and for that, i thank you) and as a result i will be getting a shitload of free jewelry.
so it prompted me to come home and perhaps organize the shit i already had.

turns out that was a mistake.  because what i discovered was horrific.

in a gigantic case.

in some sort of container that i even forgot i had.

hanging on the towel rack in the bathroom.

on the counter.

in some random basket.


and apparently i have an aviary section.

because keeping earrings in a shot glass seems totally normal.

this post is pointless.  and ridiculous.  and makes me look like a jewelry hoarder.


which apparently i am.


I Don’t Think This Was The Jelly Beyonce Was Talking About

and lord knows i wasn’t ready for it.

apparently b put these in my purse two or three months ago and i’m just finally discovering that they exploded all over.

yes, they're covered in hair.

that’s fine.  

even though everything in my purse was covered in a sticky layer of jelly it at least smelled like strawberries.

oh, here’s my purse.  and its contents. 

contents include, but aren’t limited to:

  • wallet
  • 2 books
  • twilight returns movie
  • re-usable grocery bag thing
  • pepto
  • various beverages
  • headphones
  • deodorant
  • tiny satchel thing
  • 2 kinds of body sprays
  • 3 chapsticks
  • sunglasses
  • loaf of bread
  • triscuits
  • new barbells and nose rings
  • a thousand receipts
  • birthday card from last year
  • keys
  • lotion
  • jelly
  • 26 cents
  • my crumpled march madness bracket

oddly enough – no pens.

and no, that printer wasn’t in my purse.  although i’m sure it would fit.

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And They Call Me Weird…Pffff.

Welcome Home Sarah!

From the left: Arnold, Toulouse, Maury the Squirrel, and Sarah the Corncob Armadillo