Filthy Things

and boom goes the dynamite.

not a morning dog, apparently.

some boyfriend he is.

fucking demons.

angry sparkles

look at you guys – sittin’ there all sexy-like.

this guy.

horse dick.  it’s what’s for dinner.

i’m kidding. it’s pork. but it would be kind of spectacular if it was a horse dick.

mom!  you’re home!

sometimes that mange hound loves shitler.

i’m often a mess.  and love to make them as well.

a treat to myself: obnoxious socks.

sometimes we love each other.

a series in “throw my disgusting fucking toy.”

i’ll never understand.

because i became absolutely obsessed with baking cookies this weekend.  and eating none of them.

tuck those motherfucking paws, murph lee.


lovely hat!


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