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Because You’re Only Cool If You Take Pictures Of Me Peeing In The Lake

in no particular order – this was my weekend.

aquatic mounting.

it’s like a chocolate turd

and i’m exhausted.

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Random Shit That Made Me Happy

in the form of three pictures.

my sparkly nails. and vodka.

these flowers that i bought for myself and my inconveniently sized vases.

my new fucking glasses. finally.

that is all.


Rape? Really?

this will be quick.  and questionable.

like most of my life.

i was looking at my stats and shit for this blog.  here’s a snapshot of search engine terms that bring people to my blog:


interesting.  and eclectic. 

the only thing that i have a question about is the “anticipated rape.”
mainly because i don’t get it.
can you anticipate rape? 

i do like that “charles manson” is right beneath it.

call me crazy.


This Is What Lack of Fucking Focus Looks Like

i like to google.  

i begin with an idea and it slowly spirals out of control until what i end with bears no resemblance to what i set out to discover.

i like to begin most of my searches with comical jesus photos:

somehow i get get distracted and up clicking on something like this
(go ahead and click – i can’t get it any fucking bigger and it annoys me):

but then i notice that there’s another picture that has a similar layout.
so i go look at that (fucking click on this one too).

and then i think about how i want one of those striped things in the above picture.  but then i remind myself that i already have two idiot pets.  and then i start thinking that at least they’re entertaining even though sometimes their mental incompatibilities overshadow their actual usefulness.  then i think about all the people that don’t have animals.  

more importantly – the poor children.  

more specifically – the orphans.

i googled orphans.

then i started to think about batman and about how awesome he is.  so i googled batman – but none of the pictures looked remotely interesting.  but i just kept clicking on the next page and it just kept taking me further and further from batman and orphans.  

but then i found these:

i feel like i won the lottery.  because then i also clicked on these:

M-Yess, Quite.

so i suppose this last picture can be linked to the first picture.  in that it relates to questions of religion and creation.  i mean – it IS a head of a bird on a well-dressed man’s body.

you figure it out.

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