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Things I’m Currently Fucking Obsessed With

i’m slightly obsessive.  usually for brief periods over nonsensical things.

please see below:

  • anything and everything gillian flynn.  for reals.  sharp objects was amazing.  dark places is currently blowing my mind.  and her new one, gone girl, (coming out in june) i can only imagine will be incredible.  i mean seriously – how can you not love her style and content when she writes shit like this: “the baby scuttering around inside like it had dug tunnels.”
  • controlling the force in which i pee.  you know – forceful stream, not forceful stream (you all know exactly what i’m talking about).
  • triscuits
  • this incredible amount of eggs:
  • that point when you know you’ve had enough coffee because you’re thinking somewhat clearly but then you decide to push the envelope and have another and then feel like you could take over the fucking world.
  • in regards to taking over the world – PINKY AND THE BRAIN. 
  • this chicken wing and also the inquisitive look on shitler’s face:

shitler: "soon chicken wing, soon i will crap you out."

  • this video.  and this band.  they’re incredible.  it makes me want to get a band of merry folk together and stomp our feet.  sidenote – do you think headband girl and lead singer are banging each other?  please watch for the stolen glances between the two.  oh, and i also want lead singer’s jacket.

please stay tuned for the tale of my st. patrick’s day adventure.  

and by adventure i mean shit show.

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